chaiwalla My day started so well, I won an iPad, can you believe it?... but my bike was just stolen and I want to say f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you to the b*astard that took her away from me. I can't believe it. Oh how London can be so cruel #tobedeleted 2y
  •   chaiwalla @uzzidaman thanks! 2y
  •   chaiwalla @mattpike hahaha! I have actually looked on gumtree and there are loads of my bike for sale but in sure the picture they use wouldn't be of the real thing if it was a stolen one! 2y
  •   chaiwalla @scourthedream at least it was just a material thing but it's still not a nice experience huh!?.... Luckily a few friends have been supportive and offered me temporary solutions :-) have a great day JJ 2y
  •   chaiwalla @elinlia thanks Elin! I'll just save and buy a better one now 2y
  •   dng2 Sorry for the bike, now how you're feeling... But the pic's cool!!! Best 2y
  •   dalyphotos Your photo is very creative I hope your bike was returned :-( 2y
  •   chaiwalla @dalyphotos no :-( but I have a temporary bike :-) thanks for the nice comment too 2y
  •   puanindya Maybe this is too late. Im sorry for your lost. I feel you, Allan. I just lost my bike a couple days ago mine and my dad bikes :( anyway, this is a really clever shot! 2y

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