bonethrower So in homer of having 9000 followers I give you all a huge thank you for liking and following the work I am making. It really means the world to me. Thanks to all of you. 2y
  •   13thuniverse Cheers to Homer! hehe 2y
  •   patsofatso Somebody got a haircut 2y
  •   csick This picture really conveys how stoked you are. 2y
  •   chelsea_lee You are beautiful. 2y
  •   bonethrower Ha thanks. A little naked with out my glasses though. @chelsea_lee 2y
  •   chelsea_lee More raw... gonna email you abt working on something for my next tattoo. Such a huge fan 2y
  •   njhallam Who is this? 2y
  •   n__________3 hey mr cook I emailed u but I had no response from u 2y

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