vatav (Bumper sticker I saw today) - Before Obama, people were saying Bush was going to declare Martial law and round up Americans into concentration camps. Now fears are going wild again. There's got to be a way to get to a brighter future without the nightmare so many people are visualizing. Not that I haven't ever imagined a nightmare future too. But now I'm looking for hope and love to triumph over hate and fear. 4y
  •   bjtaylor777 Ely you have no idea when I was growing up there was a Cuban missile crisis. They taught us how to duck under our desk in case an A-bome went off. Talk about scared I was in third grade Your grandmother told us to run home no matter what And we would all die together. Truly the world will go on we will always have problems, but we always have something else to look forward to. The love of our family and friends will always keep us strong. 4y
  •   vatav @bjtaylor777 - I can't imaging experiencing something like that! I had my share of fears during the 80s. After that movie the Day After came out. I'd hear a jet and worry it might the sound of a nuclear missile taking off. Yet we survived the Cold War and hopefully now something much better is ahead with potential for the dream realized without a nightmare. Yes, I agree, the love of family can keep us strong. So glad we can be connected now by Instagram! 4y

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