lizelayne It's a stay at home with mama after a 102+ fever last night kind of day 3y
  •   lmcge I hope Ellie feels better today. 3y
  •   milenawiddowson Hope she feels better quickly xxx 3y
  •   kolleenh Feel better. Oooxxx 3y
  •   linni123 aaawwww.... hope she is better xx 3y
  •   anniesamuels Poor baby...hope she feels better soon. 3y
  •   cirovicbella Hope she feels better soon! Yea, that's the ick that comes w/ starting preschool, I remember it well :( hang in there lil EJ 3y
  •   ninabagley :( 3y
  •   katmcnally We had one of those days yesterday. Sending healing light to Ellie Jane... and waves of sweet calm to you! x 3y

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