•   el3ni They look yummy! I must try! 3y
  •   blooodorange Babe get onto it! @el3ni it's like fucking #masterchef at my place tonight! X 3y
  •   lauren.jenifer For about 5 years? Im looking at doing mental health especially. Food is just a ticket in life. Its not a fucking ride. Do you have my mobile? X 3y
  •   blooodorange Nah send me a text and we can keep chatting if you like - better not on here! 0402 584 911. Though bonsai just chewed through my charger!  3y
  •   blooodorange @ebonycourtney I get the feeling Christmas might be a bit quiet if it was vego! I'd be happy with a Christmas of wine and cheese platters! Xx 3y
  •   blooodorange @katlitter or give me yours and i'll message you xx 3y
  •   blooodorange @missjayne88 I requested to follow you but you need to accept xx 3y

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