find_ch Second day of school! Second day of school! #yesterday 2y
  •   yaelfernandez You know you're one of the greatest dad of the earth right? My dad didn't do that stuff when he drove us to school! Hahahahahaha (well I can't imagine my dad doing that...) 2y
  •   d_scribs This makes me want to go back to school haha 2y
  •   find_ch @yaelfernandez you're too sweet. Main ton papa c'est encore-toujours super. :) @d_scribs I'll be your daddy 2y
  •   marytrapasso My dad brought me to school in the hearse. 2y
  •   mikekimtv You're my dad. 2y
  •   paulinebettex I love when you're crazy @find_ch !!! 2y
  •   nesjojo Wow. Nice teeth! 2y
  •   find_ch @marytrapasso well, can't say that wasn't a stand-out memory! @mikekimtv shhhh, shhhh, there-there, everything's going to be okay. @paulinebettex ha ha thanks! You would know! @jojonesbitt them there's some pearly white chompers! 2y

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