liveformemories OMG! There's not enough catnip mice rubbed all over my head @stealingsand!! Agggghhh! Must! Roll! More!!!!! Muahahahaha! 3y
  •   stealingsand YAAAAAAY IT FINALLY GOT THERE!!! My kitties love those so much but Kona eats them so they hide them all the time @puresky lookit!!! 3y
  •   stealingsand you're so sweet with all of those hashtags. you know that's just going to encourage me to send you more stuff. 3y
  •   puresky YAY!!! AWESOME :D 3y
  •   wild_anecdotes Hahahahaah 3y
  •   liveformemories @stealingsand most exciting mail!!! And Marley went nuts over those mice :D luckily she doesn't have any competition for other critters to eat her toys. She just loses them so EASILY! It was such a wonderful surprise!!! Xoxoxo! 3y
  •   liveformemories @puresky your wife is preeeeeeeettty much a rockstar! 3y
  •   liveformemories @wild_anecdotes soooo friggin funny!! 3y
  •   puresky @liveformemories I agree! I am very lucky ;) 3y

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