christiaingrey Skating The NYC Streets 3y
  •   ghettoasfuq I Lov3eeeeee 2y
  •   poeticwavees Love this board!! 2y
  •   y.aazz @oliverborch it's NYC there's gonna be cracks and bumps. Go to youtube and type in Jaden Smith Meets Noisey. Click the first video. 2y
  •   ihateumarzidan Lol longboard wheels on a skate deck 2y
  •   jamesfarrow1 @snipermantis he's riding in NYC so there's bumps everywhere. Watch the interview on YouTube. 2y
  •   dadmagazine Don't even 2y
  •   king_.ace You skateboard lml bruh dead Hollywood fuck up kids if I blow up Imma have my kids living in chiraq 1y
  •   nadiia.ok Haha nice skateboard. I can skateboard too mines green and pink... I challenge you for a skateboard competition! You should DM me lol but yeah hope u see this @iputthesocietyonmyback 1y

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