nbcnews The confetti flies after President Barack Obama's speech at the #DNC2012. #NBCPolitics. 2y
  •   rachelle33 Boo Obama !!! Boo!!!! 2y
  •   debwhite20 Ron Paul!!!!!!! 2y
  •   ambientdragon I agree with you @cstranko . I'm completely turned off from the GOP and their racial tones. It started with them and the Tea Party in 2008. It has gotten worse since then. I'm a minority in this country and the division I see is from the GOP's racial tones. Not all are racist but most are! Just look at the crowd at the RNC. Even outside the arena and look at the crowds in the stump speeches. The lack of diversity says it all! 2y
  •   aquavalgoff Regardless what the retoric, if you are Gay, Minority,a woman who believes in making her own choices, all "middle class", immigrants (and the list goes on), your best choice would be Obama! I don't believe ANYOne has the ability to clean up all the garbage left behind by the Bush administration! There aren't enough garbage trucks!! Vote responsibly, but Just VOTE! 2y
  •   aquavalgoff And is Ron Paul even revelant? 2y
  •   kam_kamy @sugarrush360 don't listen to them, we each have our own opinion and I agree with yours haha don't let it get to ya 2y
  •   natty.b_ Yes! @rachelle33 BOO OBAMA!!! 2y

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