bridif I was tagged by @douglaspscott to share #mylast9 photos. IG feeds are what you and I see and experience every day, then decide to share with our social media communities. So I'm going to tag some of the first people I followed here and whose feeds I appreciate. Share it with #mylast9 @augustnetta @johnnyphoto @jspates @blucke @tylda 4y
  •   bridif @veehaws_gf @oljanova I actually just took a screen grab of my feed 4y
  •   annie_atw How can i purchase one of your images please! I'm so in love with them! Please reply! 4y
  •   blucke Hello Brian, I was quietly looking at your feed when I saw this.. Hope you can read this since you've tons of comments I'm not sure if this's gonna hapen but anyway I'm so glad Thanks for remember about me but there's a problem I didn't know I wasn't following you anymore, the button is blue O.O" I'm not online as I used to be but I'm getting more time this week so I decided to take a look at IG and that's why I noticed that. Hope you're doing okay and gonna fix that right away and later I intend to visit your feed with some chill 4y
  •   tylda Many thanks, Brian! Very flattered. I greatly appreciate you as well!! 4y

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