andersoncooper President #Obama takes the stage at the #dnc 3y
  •   greenphillips Awesome coverage Anderson!!! 3y
  •   bluepersuasion I hope everyone commenting actually goes to vote when the time comes. 3y
  •   makkaylajade @tinaduryea you just read my mind ..... #awesome #tellem 3y
  •   decipherme @makkaylajade I could never have sympathy for people who cheat the system, live their life on welfare and unemployment because it pays more than working somewhere and earning the money rightfully. Rather people like you believe its right to steal from those who work for their money, and give to the "less fortunate", aka the lazy asses who use the government. I never said I was better than anyone, but yeah, I sure as hell am better than people who do that kind of stuff. You know, go nowhere with their life and blame it on the wealthy for "hogging the wealth" whereas the wealthy are the ones who worked and rightfully earned their money. 3y
  •   amanda1271 Your in my town!! 3y
  •   jcrusnak Some people need the help. Don't link all people together just another hater instead of educater. 3y
  •   jessicaessig You say that & i agree to a certion degree but what aboutpeople like me who are disabled & cant work even though they want to. Disabled, 4 kids, a hudband that works hard but still cant work full time because he has to stay home alot to help me.yes i get some help from the goverment & no we cant get ahead. Not fair to lable all of the people that get help because some of need it & couldnt survive without it, but still can barely get by. That is a form of racism. Bet your voting for ROMNEY!!! 3y
  •   rorocla And 2 think this country could get any worse 2y

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