theodorekaye An old woman selling hats and grapes 3y
  •   davidgnad not at all. in germany old people are more in the background. noone really cares about them - except for rural areas. quite sad. 3y
  •   alialkhalifa Yeah. It kinda sucks that they're only sold together in Dushanbe! 3y
  •   photobrio I love this moment of wisdom bestowed. Of course, she could be telling him this is the absolute last time she loans him money for Legos. It just really comes across as wisdom. :-) 3y
  •   n883 Great one!! 3y
  •   transilvirish Awesome photo ! And awesome comment @photobrio 3y
  •   issychan Seems she's teaching something to the young folk.!haha interesting.! 3y
  •   zarina_z Random- @misstitibaby, for what uzbekistan is like (not in the capital, Tashkent) check this guy's stuff out 3y
  •   atishp @_meanwhile Love this! 3y

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