watchitallburn "Boy, where's he from?"
"He was brought up from Hell." #epicasfuck
  •   athretil Worst movie ever made... 2y
  •   soft_altars @athretil I don't know you but have you seen bloodrayne... It may be a contender for the title :) 2y
  •   athretil @zombling No I haven't but now I must see it right away hehe 2y
  •   athretil @zombling ahh a Uwe Boll movie haha worst director ever!! 2y
  •   soft_altars @athretil I must warn you it is directed by uwe boll... The man the Internet tried to gain enough votes for, so that he would never direct again :) enjoy. 2y
  •   bittomania One-eye! 2y

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