nbcnews The #DNC2012 crowd says thank you to our U.S. veterans. #NBCPolitics 2y
  •   ihveanaddiction @southern_saint you are too funny. Thank you for making my day! The movie Idiocracy was made just for you! Lol 2y
  •   southern_saint @ihveanaddiction dude i really don't give a fuck. 2y
  •   rickydunbar58 @merchant21 what scares me is the people in this country I in fact am young(20). It's funny that you say the war is over when in fact we have actually just sent more troops and 8 of them being people of my class and good friends of mine. Now I am looking out for myself my family my future and kids to be like you said to. At 18 my mother lost her job with out a father there to help and a younger brother to take care of I did what I ha to do to help my family. I nor my family never took government aid I worked my ass off had to drop out of college and worked three jobs to keep us afloat and sense than I have put myself back into school on my own with no financial aid and now I'm working for a aerospace company supporting a mom and brother. Nobody handed me anything I did it on my own! That is what's wrong with this country nobody will do that anymore. Everyone nowadays believes they are owed something form the government and Obama has done nothing but instill that idea in people. people on government aid has skyrocketed under his control unemployment is an all time high! So where are these jobs he created? And a central medical plan is great many country's have prospered from it but the one we are putting place will not work it needs to be worked out more. People need to stop worrying about the government and start doing stuff on there own and not wait for something to be handed to them that is what I fear about this country. Like the great Reagan said government is not the answer government is the problem! I'm sorry if I offend anyone with this these are my beliefs and I'm very strong with them . Thank you for the comments merchant21 I wish you nothing but the best. 2y
  •   mexpsychantruetoheart @rickydunbar58 - I applaud and have nothing but respect for you! The sacrifices that you have made for you and your family! We definitely need more people thinking just like you! Prefect words all in all! 2y
  •   rickydunbar58 @strigg0517 thank you 2y
  •   mgilfillen @rickydunbar... Thank you for being strong independent & realizing that we shouldn't wait for anyone to just hand us anything.... I admire you & your beliefs especially for your age! Keep all of this momentum going! 2y
  •   ambientdragon Also thanks to my cousins that are in the Marines and the other brave men and women serving in our military! Thank you Veterans! America is proud of you even though Romney didn't think you were important enough to mention in his RNC speech! I'm one American that is proud and grateful of our military and the families! 2y
  •   buddy61 Sorry but Reagan was not great. A great president doesn't give the wealthy big tax cuts then increase taxes on the lower and middle class. Reagan tripled the deficit and increased taxes 11 times like I said on the lower and middle class. 2y

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