sleff7 A stingray bite me :( 3y
  •   kelley_marble Pee on it 3y
  •   sleff7 Why are you people liking this?? I'm in pain! Well, not anymore cuz I've been drinking... 3y
  •   youngdanjames Toughen up. 3y
  •   emilyleah Yes. Bend over and pee on it, yo. 3y
  •   sleff7 I don't need pee, just whiskey. But I may pee on it for fun anyway. 3y
  •   camaloney18 Stingrays don't bite. 3y
  •   sleff7 @camaloney18 I know silly! But sounds less redundant than "a stingray sting me" 3y

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