kevinruss On the trail 3y
  •   magnusdottern Crazing. 3y
  •   wrecklesscreative Show off! Not you, the moose. 3y
  •   owlfaceowlface Kevin, you put my critter whispering to shame. 3y
  •   themobileadvertiser My home stomping grounds. I absolutely miss it! Thanks for posting the picture! 3y
  •   jeremydenief Wow man, I thought these were extremely dangerous? Diggin the feed btw, keep it up. 3y
  •   kevinruss @jeremydenief thanks. They were nice to me but I've heard they charge more often than you'd think. 3y
  •   jeremydenief Well, I can't say I wouldn't be tempted to try to get close myself. Great job though on the animal shots, stay safe out there. 3y
  •   blinded_melon Moose are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet, if their size isn't enough, their defence sure is! My area is littered with them, they charge easily, and cannot be seen at night, they have migrated towards our highways because we use salt for the slippery conditions, when your driving at night you don't usually see them standing right there until its too late. PS Fantastic shot! You sure know how to move around them! 3y

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