•   sheena101 Ahhh! 2y
  •   elibecca How do I get that over here in California lol guess I'll have to wait til I go to Switzerland 2y
  •   beerbaron @cfromli Nice! I've only ever heard Duff was out in South America. If the Simpsons creators ever mass produced Duff, it would be the most sold beer in the world. 2y
  •   sneauxdat #wth!!! Man........ 2y
  •   brettreeto @cfromli an Australian Brewery did a Duff beer about 15 years ago but got done by The Simpsons crew pretty quick. Lucky I still got 4 cans left. I'll post a pick. 2y
  •   josieberry I love it 2y
  •   cfromli_thecraftbeerlife @josieberry @brettreeto - I saw these at a shop while in Switzerland. Very cool. 2y
  •   jfz209 Awesome. 2y

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