lordcolinoneal "What's she feeling?" Watercolor and black ink.
Original size: 22x30 inches
  •   bri_the_cat She's waiting for something. There is so many different expressions, but she's definitely waiting for something.... @lordcolinoneal 2y
  •   ryanm642 I just discovered and fell in love with your work. One thing I noticed was your use of watercolor and ink together is extremely appealing to me. For my AP portfolio I am doing portraits of people but using many different mediums. I enjoy using ink a lot, is using watercolor with it difficult? Any tips on that? Greatly appreciated! @lordcolinoneal 2y
  •   lordcolinoneal @whenmugglesattack thank you for the compliment! Well, the biggest thing I find with working with both ink and watercolors is that you have to work the watercolors first and get your base colors down, then do all your Lind work the next day or after the paper is completely dry. It'll give you sharp lines if the paper's dry and if you do all you line work after the full in colored areas you'll get a better look because the watercolors won't cloud the inks color. Anyway, I'm always available to answer any questions, if I'm able to answer them! Good luck and I can't wait to see what you create 2y
  •   nexebo @lordcolinoneal any way to purchase original/reproduction of this? 2y
  •   lordcolinoneal @nexebo yes! It's actually going to be on display for a showing starting feb 8th but I'd allow a presale with the stipulation of it still being in the show. Framed it'll be $650. I have prints ranging from $40-$195 as well. Email me at: LordColinOneal@gmail.com and we can go over it :) 2y
  •   nexebo Hello. Yeah, this price fits me more, I'll write you my answer to your email in 8 hours (morning in Moscow, cuz right now I really want to sleep). Is it ok? 12mon
  •   lordcolinoneal @nexebo perfect :) 12mon
  •   tryinabecooler 3mon

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