maplesyrup The Struggle 2y
  •   resonate Ah I am having the same issue - you know I like clean aesthetics and these rooms are so visually messy. It's been a fun challenge though! 2y
  •   grahampreston Yeah. Dusty wonderful. G 2y
  •   maplesyrup @grahampreston haha Graham, more like asbestos wonderful! 2y
  •   njcarron @maplesyrup : Right! Creation from chaos, but in your recent pics a very true sense is there that the aftermath is a result of an incident that just happened, yet I'm sure the abandonment has been going on for years. : @debinsf @imageconjurer 2y
  •   intuitivegarden Wow, powerful. Beauty on the chaos...I like that! 2y
  •   magneticmoose I love how the strewn debris is like a tangible reflection of the structured graffiti. Superb, my dear! 2y
  •   travelholics How did I miss this..... 2y
  •   amirbanay Wow 2y

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