ampt This week on the #StillLifeLounge we've been looking at Vegetable studies using colour as a focus. @kiwinan's image of the garlic makes a strong visual statement with great cropping!

Here's her inspiration:
"This image just jumped out at me as my husband and I were cooking dinner. We have a glass splash back behind the cooktop and the garlic in the red bowl was reflected in the glass. The color of the white garlic and red bowl with that reflection excited me and I just stopped everything, picked up my iPhone, and started snapping away. All thoughts of dinner, gone! Using my favorite Hipstamatic, I tried a couple of combos, but liked what the Foxy lens and Sugar film were delivering using the standard flash. That's it. I'm a big garlic fan too, by the way, and my husband's a great cook!" When starting the #stilllifelounge Jen (@ikebana_jen) and I (@annacox) took into account the beauty of the mundane. The lounge is a place where we slow down and take in the details. Please see our feeds on Sundays for a new subject and guidelines
  •   dubster_ i love still-lifes. i think the appreciation for form, colour, composition is worth a look at. the ability to look at garlic in a new way or to use garlic as an exciting visual element is worth highlighting. 2y
  •   anntix @kiwinan stunning- so great to see you here with this awesome shot!! 2y
  •   chris_hill777 Congratulations @kiwinan Well done 2y
  •   _jasmin_lee Love this image @kiwinan ! and love also that what you saw excited you enough to drop everything and pick up your phone. The gift of seeing the world with fresh eyes is a great one. 2y
  •   rmsherwood @kiwinan you are very welcome.... Did not mean to get into a contentious dialogue but c'est la vie! And your image deserved to be defended! 2y
  •   janeoako_ih @kiwinan nice!!! 2y
  •   ikebana_jen @rmsherwood @kiwinan @annacox , just read all the comments and so glad to see that positive energy, community spirit, beauty and reason prevail. @kiwinan again, beautiful imagethankyou so much for sharing it to the lounge. 2y
  •   rmsherwood Thank you for commenting, I really thought that I was trying to be reasonable and certainly did not want to continue a contentious engagement but, ah well...! I felt that the "story" was there all around.... Thanks again, the stilllife lounge is an interesting forum that I really enjoy and the image selected was nicely done.. 2y

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