natgeo Coal laborer 4 in Jharkand, #india. Photo by @lynseyaddario on assignment for Nat geo 3y
  •   sidd.m @xxxdevxxx thanks...there is a long debate on the other pictures as well 3y
  •   sidd.m @izuic these people are #india but only these people are not #india...if u get my point 3y
  •   sidd.m @izuic all the other pics of my country show poor people as well...i never got pissed or thot of takin them to the court...i jz requested them to post everythin so that when people hear #india all that comes to their mind is not only a man covered with coal 3y
  •   sidd.m I agree...m not against them for posting this.. 3y
  •   sidd.m @izuic anytime! 3y
  •   igbogirls People will complain about literally everything . Is this part of the reality of modern India? Yes! So all the sensitive people complaining about this picture should keep calm and appreciate photography 3y
  •   monsieur_perri Absolutely beautiful.. 3y
  •   m_amelunke Love this 2y

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