todayshow @alroker & @mattlauernbc open our 8:00 hour on the plaza while @savannahguthrie is at the #DNC in #Charlotte. #todayshow 3y
  •   instaarnold @instasteve1 its their job to like each other on camera 3y
  •   rappingweatherman Ann. 3y
  •   instaarnold @krw82 are you stupid or something? She wasn't cut out for the today show? She was on the show for 15 years. 3y
  •   12denise06 Can't even watch without ann!!!! 3y
  •   krw82 @instaarnold are you completely ignorant or something? My opinion... She wasn't good as a co-host! Obviously! Otherwise she'd still be there! Ha! Get a life! 3y
  •   instaarnold @krw82 are you some kind of idiot? She was great as co-anchor. She was used as a scapegoat for bad ratings. Yet they're still losing in the ratings to GMA two months after they fired Ann. 3y
  •   krw82 @instaarnold I told you to get a life. I clearly don't care about this as much as you do. I don't like Ann Curry. Get over it. 3y
  •   instaarnold @krw82 i know. Clearly bc you're a racist. You don't like Asians. 3y

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