astrodub #fromwhereistand Kickin it back at the dead sea. All you've heard about it is right! The water is super warm and imagine dumbing a sack of Epsom salts in your tub. Simply amazing #israelhd 3y
  •   _16ray 3y
  •   holly__h Toes are sexy! 3y
  •   newteam I've been told the sea is shrinking! My girlfriend has spent a lot of time in Israel visiting her family and she remembers the water edge to be much closer to the facilities 3y
  •   astrodub @newteam I was told the same. It also has to do with companies collecting the salts for cosmetic purposes 3y
  •   samhorine I was told that the sea is expanding! As water evaporates the salt builds up and pushes the water towards the properties...but who knows?!? Like everything here, there seem to be multiple complicated answers 3y
  •   aliacevedo Fix those toes 4 real 3y
  •   sparks1199 @lemontea93 hahaha 3fwan 3y

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