jjcommunity Black and White Wednesday was another big hit, thanks guys. We're super lucky to have such a cool community to share these forums with.
Have you guys looked through all 7,300+ photos in #jj_forum_0383? No? Why's that? Ooooh....you've got one of those elusive "lives?" Huh, how about that.
Well, lucky you. Because the awesome @jj_editors have done it for you. Go to my profile, and click on the users I'm following. You'll be in a world of wonder at all the different styles and techniques represented by all 130+ editors! There's something for everyone! ;) so go check them out, give them a follow, a hello, and a handshake. Virtually.
We'll see you guys first thing in the morning (or sooner), with another daily #jj forum!

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