teresa_franco Today marks the end of yet another brutal semester. I want to thank you for constantly sharing beautiful photos on Instagram; it's my escape from all these medical books. Be it a photo of a donut or an iPhone shot of a wild white horse roaming through a misty forest in Colorado, they're all deeply admired. XOXO Teresa — #NursingSchool 3y
  •   catherineallison @teresa_franco I kind of didn't answer your question. It'll take about 5 years in total because of going to community college for 2-3 years with so much math. :p then transfer as a junior and 2 years at UC. From there though I want to get a masters and maybe a phd in a related field 3y
  •   teresa_franco @catherineallison ughh.. is it ever going to end?! It feels like I've been in school forever! Hang in there girlie. There's a blinding bright light at the end of this tunnel. 3y
  •   teresa_franco @nanayof2 Now that the grades are in, it's safe to say that I have two more Semesters to go. 8 more months!! 3y
  •   catherineallison @teresa_franco haha I know right! It wont end for a while. I've been in school since I was 3... Started in pre school. 16 years of school just to graduate high school haha now ill probably go another ten years to get all the degrees I want lol. So crazy to think half your life you're getting an education. Woo congrats on getting your grades back!!! You go girl 3y
  •   catherineallison I mean 15 years xD 3y
  •   thecontainergardener That's great!! It's all worth it believe me. 3y
  •   hulkwoman You inspire too! 2y

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