andersoncooper #Obama and #Clinton on stage together at #dnc together 3y
  •   bklynmom9206 And Republicans don't lie? Yea right! 3y
  •   alexingles Great picture 3y
  •   suzavala Loving it 3y
  •   shirleyrivmar You have my vote 3y
  •   npm678 Anderson 2016 3y
  •   stephenes335 Clinton who? 3y
  •   timeshero Running a country is not like running a business, its like running a family. There are so many things that happen in a family. Its not just about the bottom line, or a net profit statement. We've got to think about the country long term. Its about thinking of the next quarter or how we're going to fix this problem right away. Its about what we're doing for our future generations, for our kids, for everybody in the future. 3y
  •   jessicaessig Thankyou sooo true. :) 3y

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