ampt AMPt member Frank Mathews @nitti80 "The Tale of two bridges"

This image came about when I was searching for new places to shot in the DTR (Down Town Raleigh). From my car I saw this cool looking bridge. Unfortunately I couldn't just pull over and park. I had to drive a block and walk back to get under the bridge. Once I got I found that there was two bridges! I snapped several shots and returned to my car.

A lot of times after I'm done shooting I'll get back in my car and edit several pictures. Funny thing is I'll going on another shooting spree and my edits will get lost in my camera roll lol. Anyway, I shot this with the native camera. I opened on Snapseed and used the vintage filter style 5. I put texture and style strength at zero. Made some minor adjustments to brightness and contrast. After that, I used camera+ to crop to square. After that I used VscoCam option 5. After that I used a little bit of "selective app stacking" by using FilterStorm to sharpen the details in certain areas and saved.

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