oakleafandacorn Buried treasure. 3y
  •   scottsclone From before he became a racist bigot asshole, right? 3y
  •   jesse_texas His x-rated hits are hilarious 3y
  •   oakleafandacorn @scottsclone Coe responded to the accusations by stating "Anyone that hears this album and says I'm a racist is full of shit." 3y
  •   scottsclone Haha.. Oh yeah? How about the line, "..nothing worse that a white girl and a nigg@r." I know his earlier stuff was clean, because my grandparents listened to it. :) 3y
  •   oakleafandacorn @scottsclone I've never been in a pool room that didn't have Coe on the jukebox. Brings back fond memories of cold drinks, chili dogs and good friends. 3y
  •   scottsclone Ok. You got me there! 3y
  •   chargedubrock D.A.C.!!!! 3y

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