ampt AMPt Street photo by Patrick Colpron @candidcameraman
Location: Passage Pommeraye - Nantes

Captured on August 23rd 2012 in the early morning, the two women on the left were cleaning windows - back light by the rising sun - Made with the iPhone native camera, just loved how the brightly lit opening framed the main subjects and the lines on either side led the viewer’s eyes to naturally look at the couple walking in my direction - I squatted down to get a better vantage point and get those leading lines converging where I wanted them to converge in my frame - a perfect example of using the background to your advantage in order to elevate your subject. Converted using Camera+ Clarity which was attenuated using Image Blender, followed by Snapseed Selective Adjust in select areas I wanted to brighten then Tune Image and Details in Snapseed to further improve the little details I wanted to highlight followed by PhotoForge2 to add vignetting (Vignette 3) back in Camera+ where using FX Effects, I added a tad of color using the Vibrant filter, followed by Filterstorm to add my Logo... Yes, I put my logo on all my images, force of habit

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