jessee_artschooldropout Putting zig zag globs of hot glue on hangers (and letting them dry for awhile) actually helps keep my cardigans from falling off!! Woohoo! Thank you Pinterest, you saved me a lot of $$ 4y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @writeintights I wear mostly "boyfriend" cardigans and they just won't stay on the hangers at all, so I usually fold them too. I have more hanger space than shelf or drawer space so I needed to find a better solution. Have you tried wooden slopped hangers to help with the puckers? I think Ikea sells them at great prices! 4y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout I wish I could give credit to someone, but there were too many people blogging about it to figure how who did it first. :(. Hate that. 4y
  •   writeintights Good idea! I wonder.. We have a shelf above our hanging clothes, so I fold and place them there. I have much more hanging space also. And WAY too much clothes! 4y
  •   elheathero That's a flipping amazing idea! 4y

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