jameskelch Swoop! 2y
  •   jtsnakeshit Hey kelch don't know If your into video games. But u just bought an X-box just to get the Batman Arkham Asylum game. It is the shit. It's basically like being in a comic book. You would be hyped. I was and I never play video games. 2y
  •   jtsnakeshit "I" just bought an X-box 2y
  •   jameskelch @jtsnakeshit I have it on ps3. Love it. 2y
  •   elglasso Pic is from Batman:Year one. My all time fave. 2y
  •   jtsnakeshit Tight kinda thought you emmmmmm 2y
  •   jtsnakeshit Had it already 2y

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