lollyjaneblog Newest frugal purchase, matching end tables for my master. Thank you, Marni, for hunting them down for me! Excited to refinish them! #ljfurniture 3y
  •   lollyjaneblog @istaci They'll be white/chippy to match my bed and dresser. Been lookin for the right set to refinish. @prince112200 I won't paint today prob, gotta get Laney and finish moppin floors. Maybe tomorrow?? (: 3y
  •   lollyjaneblog @prince112200 YES I DID CLEAN! It was Raisinetts back there but kids sucked the choc off and threw raisins behind HA!! 3y
  •   lollyjaneblog @azstacy I fit @rinnaharris' desk back there the other day! 3y
  •   rinnaharris @lollyjanekelli don't forget also a twin bed plus 2 nightstands can go in there with space to spare lol :) 3y
  •   bethmartineau You amaze! 3y
  •   karmannw Can't wait to see what you do with them!!! 3y
  •   azstacy @rinnaharris & Kelli, too bad u have to get rid of your kids to use your car for cargo. Mine all fit with that junk in the back :) no folding or removing seats. And let's see you pull a trailer :) 3y
  •   rinnaharris @azstacy who says a van is a truck? Lol. You're funny. Not a van fan myself but just saying its convenient and does what it says it does and more :) - coming from one who swore never to drive one haha. If I have to pull a trailer I'll be calling you :)!! 3y

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