juneambrose W.O.W Wednesday! Rockmom/Stylist Chronicles: On the Move to our morning appointments! Staytuned 2y
  •   a_womanof_excellence Too cute. 2y
  •   raineelc Cool shot 2y
  •   jamesmichaelte Just curious but do your kids I to school?! Lol 2y
  •   jamesmichaelte Or do they have the pleasure of shopping and seeing designer showrooms all day?!? The life!! 2y
  •   its_shoney @jamesmichaelte I was thinking the same thing! 2y
  •   shoshofurs Some NYC schools started a few wks back, however today is officially BTS, but It's half days this week. Full days begin on Monday. 2y
  •   creeplife_snagz So stylish even in a storm... ; ) 2y
  •   ashbitious Rain boots!!!!!! Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I wear mine! 2y

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