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Every day the #JJ community gets together and share's our best images based on a theme. It's about showing and finding great images, but mostly about meeting new friends. This super cute shot was submitted last week by @schoscho. .
Wednesday's are Black and White. Pick out a couple of your favorites and tag them to the #JJ Community's #JJ_forum_0383. Throughout the day, I'll feature some of my favorite submissions for you .
Don't forget the 123 rule. For every one image you post, please comment on two and like three. .
  •   jjcommunity @bethlehem2 Thank you so much for speaking up and doing it so respectfully. I'm gonna talk about it with Kevin and Emily today and we'll make a game plan. Probably a post to determine if your frustration is widespread. Thanks again for being bold and speaking your mind respectfully. I really appreciate it. 3y
  •   imagenary @joshjohnson @kevinkuster -- I don't shoot/edit many black and white photos but I decided to today, thanks to you. I love color and doing as much as I can with it. But today, instead of just going through my feed to tag the same black and white images as I a have before, (long before reading @bethlehem2 's post) I was inspired by your Wednesday b/w forum to see in black and white (and 18 percent gray ;) today. So I found as much as I could to shoot and edit in BW today. Thanks for the inspiration. Whether or not any of the editors select any of my photos I'm very happy with them. Thanks again! 3y
  •   pradee so cute! 3y
  •   richtatum @bethlehem2 @joshjohnson @kevinkuster

    I suspect this is a growth thing. When I first started interacting here I tagged virtually everything in my gallery each time and then had to spend a few hours liking and commentingin order to catch up with myself!

    Now however if I run into an image that already has previously used forum tags on it I'll stop. And I'm also tending to remember when I've submitted images before. Now that I've got all of that out of my system – it's easier just to post the new stuff. :-) 3y
  •   sztristan So cute! 3y
  •   her_bliss If anyone who replied to my comment from last night reads this, let me say the following. I thank you for even reading what I writers, for responding, and many for going through my feed and liking my photos. And thanks to those who followed. I can't see the notifications anymore and I don't see the comments on this thread. Just know that I am happy to know that I am not alone. Which I really felt like I was. Thanks Josh @joshjohnson for allowing me to open up. I'm still kind of waiting for your response but I understand your a busy bee. Much love to all. 3y
  •   her_bliss What I *wrote 3y
  •   bethlehem2 @joshjohnson I just wanted to say thank you for getting back to me regarding my comment. I have to admit I was a little nervous about leaving it. I'd be interested to find out what other people think. Again, thank you for taking to read and consider my comment. 3y

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