tragicsunshine Making sketchbooks 2y
  •   bossnotboss Awesome! How many bifolios do you do in your signatures? 2y
  •   bavarianerin Those were my favorite thing I purchased at SDCC! I would also love one about half the size for use in my purse, I would buy a buncha those! 2y
  •   tragicsunshine @bossnotboss You're giving me too much credit. They're just one signature of 15 blank sheets aka 60 pages. @bavarianerin I do have those, check out to see the mini sketchbooks! 2y
  •   bavarianerin Thank you! 2y
  •   bavarianerin Purchase made, thanks Kevin. Have a great time in Chicago! 2y
  •   bavarianerin Package received,thank you so much! I love the mini sketchbooks! 2y

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