marispiker Overnight shift while they do construction. At least I can do the schedule from the display bed! #itsgonnabealongnight 2y
  •   shaunablue I wish you could schedule me with you!!! Slumber party 2y
  •   ktpaine Wait.. You are sleeping in the store!! This is always in my dreams I want to come to an anthro slumber party!! 2y
  •   lexxitexi What? Overnight shift? Back to work already? 2y
  •   marispiker @ktpaine not sleeping, working, but we are all in our pajamas. @lexitexi85 I am ok to work as long as I'm seated the entire time, not sure if I'll be able to work my other shifts this week or not. West Elm is doing construction in the FR so Anni & I are here allllllll night. I'm doing scheduling etc and she is doing markdowns. 2y
  •   audreycrisp Yikes. Long night. What happened? Why were you in the hospital? 2y

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