beachmama @beautyandthebean asked me about a wrist strengthening exercise so here is a little gadget that really helps!! Also chair dips work great too!!! #fitness #strength #love 2y
  •   beachmama @zombie_eats I'm sure it's fine! There's danger in just waking up everyday!! Lol Using this shouldn't affect u badly with a vegan diet... And as for Dr.'s BEWARE!! Lol they're only practicing! There's enough research out there now a days to google it ourselves. This may be dangerous for some but the small amount we use them it shouldn't affect too bad :) 2y
  •   gsantollo I'm not saying I am against using them. I am a level2 N.A.S.M personal trainer. They have been warned in more then a few noteworthy sources to give bone spurs that is all. Of course there is no real way to prove it comes directly from exercising with them. The roads around my parts are too busy I need two hands at all time @zombie_eats @hi_vegan I have used them too. I had a couple varieties at one time as well. My favorite forearm work is wrist curls and weight ties to a roll up bar.. Does little for grip though 2y
  •   beachmama That's awesome @gsantollo thank you!!! Love all the input. I always love learning from others :) appreciate it!! 2y
  •   gsantollo :) 2y
  •   plantstrong808 That is so cool.. That you are a personal trainer!! Much respect!! I hope to one day.. With young kids and work.. It's hard to find time for anything else.. Onelove 2y
  •   gsantollo @hi_vegan thanks I don't really take on too many clients as I have growing cold press juice business. But I have been a trainer for 10 years 2y
  •   zombie_eats Thanks @gsantollo @beachmama I don't use them much anymore, but I'm glad to have the info. And I have real dr distrust issues, but I try to remember than they have a purpose and I just have to be an educated and aware patient! 2y

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