joshjohnson Steve Jobs, 1994 - "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." Does this idea make you uncomfortable? What do you think he meant? Click on the link at the top of my photo stream to see the video clip of this famous Picasso statement, quoted by Steve Jobs. 2y
  •   amylejeune I think that core breath of inspiration that we "steal" is a gift anyway. No one should claim it and all should use it freely. 2y
  •   bashfulbyte 100% agree @gro_e 2y
  •   hannah_rhea17 Lol I just read thru tht part in his biography "Steve Jobs a man who thought different" :) 2y
  •   moosedominic Since everyone steals. No one can claim anything to be their own. And the whole world of design is essentially one big collaboration! 2y
  •   mxs360 @jswanbeck very well said 2y
  •   jswanbeck @mxs360 thanks. Full disclosure: I work at apple. 2y
  •   vwcphotography In photography, you read or hear other photographers say, "I stole this idea from ______" and then give that person credit for the "idea/concept". I think saying you stole an idea is giving praise to the person but I also think it's impossible to "steal" any idea at all. We ultimately don't have any proof a creative idea was ever originated by any one person. Which is where art become interesting. We are all basically working together to create more and more beautiful art. We all want to say we had the first idea about something but that's impossible to prove. Art is amazing in that way. It's really about how you feel creating it and how it's interpreted. If we had to have proof on who had an idea first, no one could have free will in creating things and art/creativity would be absolutely boring. 2y
  •   kenkeylee So why the heck did apple sue samsung 2y

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