•   mark_weaver_ Vote Obama out!! Romney2012 2y
  •   tarynk82 Vote Obama!!! 2y
  •   sulaine2001 @brown346 I'm with you! Well said!!! 2y
  •   cutepopularity Vote far who u voting far n others do ra same in sick of hearin yall problems BLAME IT ON BUSH. Signin out OBAMA FAN 2y
  •   delilahbw3 its not a game and the truth is the light doesn't matter wat color you are right is might hunny also you vote for whoever you want to its your decision wat do you know about Romney or Palin either for that matter and it seems so easy for you to call people out of their names ..drones? really its called freedom hunny not color 2y
  •   cutepopularity Da 2y
  •   knmeade18 What ev @a_l_l_i_s_o_n_ stop sticking up for Obama do you know how many people he layed off!! 2y
  •   allison_pirrello You are right @delilahbw3 2y

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