ampt AMPt Selection by Mike Hill (@frankensinatra)

DESCRIPTION: A friend of mine told me about this place that was full of giant driftwood and trees that were now part of the beach, so I took a little drive about four hours north, from Florida into Georgia. This location called Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island was well worth the drive and the speeding ticket I got on the way. I've never seen anything like it, kinda surreal. The whole area looked like a scene from a Tim Burton movie, who is someone I draw a lot of inspiration from artistically. This was one of many I photographed that day

PROCESS: I took the photo with 645 Pro using a iphone 4S. I use the "Q" mode setting, no film effects. There was a piece of another tree to the right that was unavoidable for the shot I wanted, no matter what angle I tried. So I had to remove it using Touch Retouch. Once that's done I went into Camera+ and used the clarity feature and added the black and white filter then saved it. Next to Photo Forge 2 and slightly lowered the brightness and upped the contrast just a bit. I opened up the Pop! Cam feature in Photo Forge 2 and tapped the black white 1900 film and then used vignette number 4, saved it. Finished off with Tilt Shift Gen where I desaturated it to about 30, lowered the brightness to 48 and raised the contrast to 52, saved and that was it! I use a app called Big Photo to upsize most of my photos when I'm done also.

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