chiaraferragni Finally dinner with @riccardopozzoli 2y
  •   aabb13 @miaaa_5 I have busier life than theirs and receive emails no stop but I don't forget good manners. 2y
  •   miaaa_5 @aabb13 okay, maybe, but this picture does not mean that they spent all the dinner like this. Honestly, I don't think so. I also check my phone once and then I put it on my bag and keep great and long conversations and that. 2y
  •   aabb13 @miaaa_5 i'd understand if it was just this one time, but it's not. And I'd understand if he was only on the phone without having another phone on the table. Anyways, it is not a big deal. I think the way you behave says a lot on who you are, but it's ok if you don't agree. 2y
  •   francesca_bono Ma siete sempre con i telefoni attaccati al sedere? Non ben due! 2y
  •   frisbiii Cover abbinata 2y

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