ochocinco I'm lost... 2y
  •   chas_camille @dcam35 oh, so i guess it's clothing and roles that make a man??? Society has such a fucked up mentality when it comes to gender and so called "roles". And btw, its called style, he obviously knows whats "hot" right now and embraces this era of fashion. And that trashy ass baggy shit has never been cute. So stfu and get a life. You're the gay one, always commenting on this man's clothing. Get off his nuts and get some. 2y
  •   buttnhutson You look good shorts and all lol sorry for your lost 2y
  •   iammodel_behavior Sooo Dan sexxxyyy ..Smh! 2y
  •   errickaboo Can his nuts breath?... Men can get yeast infections to 0_o...lol, cute fit thoe'.. ;) 2y
  •   a_francis_ Fuckin fag, take those caprees off 2y
  •   tiajanee_ Your thee ultimate! 2y
  •   nana_majestic yeah them nickers def cuttin up tho lol i still luv u 2y
  •   its_1_mrslee Fresh!!! 1y

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