reynhornwood Desert Reflections /// @nancyhornwood and I found beauty in the most unlikely place (surface elevation -226 ft) 3y
  •   anewfoundjess @reynhornwood I love finding beauty in abandoned or "ugly" things. I mean sure, it's hot, salty, and has a nasty odor... But there is a stillness that cannot be copied. It's a very surreal place, to know it once had so much potential and now lays in mediocrity is incredible. I've yet to find another place that matches it. PS you will LOVE salvation mountain. Also check out the Calipatria mud pots while in Niland if you haven't already! 3y
  •   1bad_kitty 3y
  •   sharidiane My hubby and I live in Temecula and we drive out there several times a year. It's such a desolate, weird, wonderful area. The sunsets are epic out there. 3y
  •   reynhornwood @sharidiane I tot agree. It is weird, and wonderful. Can't wait to enjoy the ruins in a few weeks 3y
  •   sharidiane I agree with @1bad_kitty and @anewfoundjess ... Salvation Mountain is a must-see. The mud pots are super cool. The west side has some amazing places too. We've gone so many times but I still feel like there's so much to explore! 3y
  •   fashion_creative_love So awesome! Like it! 3y
  •   sardinha17 Excellent capture! 3y
  •   reynhornwood @sardinha17 this place is magical. Smelly and beautiful 3y

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