theodorekaye A soon-to-be-wedded couple makes a video about how they met, in the backstreets of Bukhara, Uzbekistan. One day, she was sweeping the alleyway where she lives. He saw her and started having dreams about her. He roamed the streets, hoping to find her again. Quite a simple story - but they reenacted their parts with soppy theatrics, giggles and all around enthusiasm. Very much a new sort of Central Asian youth - an odd mix of conservative and modern. 2y
  •   jimi3 Lovely. I could only wish for half of that 2y
  •   barratt22 Thank you for sharing the story. 2y
  •   khidojatov Being myself from Uzbekistan, it is so interesting to see my own country through your eyes. Thank you for sharing. Your feed is great. 2y
  •   serganita Brilliant story - thanks for sharing a poignant moment. 2y
  •   tonyinseattle Great story and photo! 2y
  •   avinivini Fantastic! 2y
  •   inemoetajah I want to see more about Uzbek.. 2y

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