sarahmclaughlin Tastes just like a #healthy Reese's #pb cup! Just took 1 scoop chocolate #protein powder, 2 tbsp #pb2, 1 tbsp unsweetened #cocoa powder and 1 packet truvia and slowly mixed in 1 tbsp of water at a time until it reached pudding texture. Then stuck in the freezer for 30 minutes and it was so good! 2y
  •   dadthebaker Holi canolli! That is amazing...put it on my brownie... ;) 2y
  •   mommyrunfast I do the same!! Sometimes add banana for a pudding- yum!! 2y
  •   claaairebearr This sounds like heaven!!! I really need to order some pb2. Do you think I can use regular peanut butter as a substitute for now? Or is pb2 a powder? 2y
  •   sarahmclaughlin @dashinglydevious pb2 is a powder but regular peanut butter would probably work! Just use less water. Or maybe use almond milk? I'm sure it would work. Just mix until you get a thick pudding like texture 2y
  •   claaairebearr :-) I am going to go try this! I'll let you know how it goes @sarahmclaughlin 2y

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