mtv Why yes, yes we do! #VMA 3y
  •   yoritzcracker If you do than soooo do I!!! Like seriously MTV !!! I need to meet one direction badly !!! @mtv 3y
  •   ivrialola I <3 1D 3y
  •   love_2day13 I was in that line for some reason last week o.O 3y
  •   love_2day13 Hahah but then I just asked for like the red carpet thingy and left 3y
  •   lilswish33 please I live 1 d I would do anything to get those tickets for my ff 3y
  •   lilswish33 gg 3y
  •   rissa1_97 Ahah dope 3y
  •   cutycute143 l0l 3y

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