•   manillaaaaa How old ars you? 2y
  •   jasminepappas Room tour?! 2y
  •   mydmchristmas Stay strong love ya!!!! Whatever happens just keep swimming 1y
  •   egmeadows I am sad you have past!! U were a huge encouragement!! When you said just keep swimming anytime I was sad I thought of that I will always reminder you!! #rip 1y
  •   alexkusy Just keep swimming Just keep swimming Just keep swimming swimming swimming what do you do you swim! 1y
  •   laurendiack I love your outfit and I love you! Rest In Paradise, Talia . You are so beautiful and strong!! 1y
  •   helen.ahajjam Rip BabyGirl 1y
  •   tbhkarlix Rest In Peace Talia You're forever remembered in my heart. Your fought, and sadly lost. It was a good battle. I love you 6mon

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