chobani Nothing makes us feel better about being back to work quite like a 16oz CHO. #chobani #chobanitime 2y
  •   thejessness84 @tarasabo i think they just started making choc chunk in non champions. may be hard to find. 2y
  •   tarasabo Yum. I'll keep my eyes open! 2y
  •   chobani @tarasabo Sit your Dairy Manager down for a chat about getting some stocked on their shelves! They'll usually work with you on this. 2y
  •   chobani We are proud to be serving up Vanilla Chocolate Chunk in the 16oz containers as well as the Champions! 2y
  •   knowledgenerd @chobani do you guys make a lower fat version of chocolate chunk or just 2 %. I love chocolate chunk! ;) 2y
  •   chobani Hey, @knowledgenerd! Right now the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk just comes in 2%. 2y
  •   knowledgenerd Thanks ;) at least it's healthier and some met say tastier (me!) than ice cream! ;) 2y
  •   knowledgenerd *may 2y

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