therebelrouser Haven't been to one since I was a kid. Had to bring the baby in! 3y
  •   dwards Ohh shit.. They still have that there? 3y
  •   therebelrouser @dwards At Newpark Mall. It's small, half of the games were out of order, the prizes sucked, but dammit, it's a fucking TILT!!! 3y
  •   dwards Dude, seeing that shit brought back hella memories out there. Tilt was this shit when it was next to the ice skating rink. Hahah I bet it's the same size, just we thought that shit was hella big. 3y
  •   therebelrouser @themdcpro14 Yeah, but I know my kid would have the want to jump into the ball-pit and slides. I don't even want to think about how nasty those things are! 3y
  •   therebelrouser ESPECIALLY when I consider where the Chuck E Cheez's are, around here! 3y

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