saberawr New Painting... "The Honorable John Doe". #war #art 3y
  •   m3one Is that all u or #ironeyes too?? @saberawr 3y
  •   saberawr These paintings are going to be hung in an old gothic cathedral in Paris. Photos should be sick. 3y
  •   saberawr I have my own style of LA chisel calligraphy, quite a few us do. Been playing with it for years. I usually leave that up to the specialists @ironeyes, Chaz, @defer_k2s, @bigsleeps 3y
  •   rngtn Incredible how much more power this piece gains by adding the extra dimension to the flag 3y
  •   saberawr This is what the troops get sent home in, a box with a flag draped over it. 3y
  •   cryptek Wicked strong piece. It came out great! 3y
  •   meca_mason I wish I could hit the like button a few more times for this 3y
  •   iwasframed Damn nice! 3y

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